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Cleveland Heat Treatment Centre Ltd. Was formed 22 years ago by a director who has 35 years experience in the heat treatment field of operations giving a consistent twenty four hour service and a swift response to all clients’ job requirements.


The Main works and head office Cleveland Heat Treatment is located in Middlesbrough.

The main field of operation of the company is the supply of preheating and post weld heat treatment of fabrication and maintenance work in offshore, petrochemical,  and power generation operations. In order to be able to service clients’ requirements adequately the company has approximately 10,000 KVA of portable electric heat treatment capacity available for contract works, along with a highly experienced and respected workforce.

Back up facilities in the form of off-site furnaces are available in Hartlepool for the heat treatment of process pipe work, light and heavy fabrications, nodes, etc.

In addition manufacture, supply and sales of all attendants’ heat treatment equipment along with in house repair facilities are run from Middlesbrough.

Over the years CHT have established themselves as major operators in their field. In particular, they have received renowned consistently good servicing and swift response to job required due to the major resources, facilities and locally employed technicians being close at hand.

We are specifically set up to cater for the pre and post weld heat treatment requirements of the heavy industrial, petro-chemical, onshore / offshore oil and gas installations. We can indeed therefore offer a complete heat treatment service.

CHT is committed to the vigilant operation of sound and accepted heat treatment practices, and to the effective use of quality assurance and safety principles throughout their operations, with particular regard to ISO 9002.


Field Expertise


We undertake pre and post weld heat treatment of the following components



·        Pressure Vessels

·        High Pressure Piping

·        Heat Exchangers

·        Leg sections, nodes, bracings, crane pedestals and other structural components associated with oil platforms and modules.



In summary, we cover all aspects of heat treatment requirements within the energy industries. In particular we have gained considerable experience of working in extreme parameters of standards and specifications in hazardous areas.

We have undertaken contracts for the following industrial sectors:.


·        Power Stations

·        Refineries

·        Petrochemical Complexes

·        Gas Terminals

·        Offshore Installations

·        Greenfield construction Sites


Companies  Clients  Contracts Awarded

·         SABIC north Tees (maintenance contract) & shutdowns.

·         SABIC Wilton (shutdowns).

·         AMEC (Shutdowns & Maintenance).

·         AMEC process & energy.

·         British Steel Coras (Teesside and Scunthorpe).

·         Hydro Polymers (Immingham).

·         HERTEL (Teesside) Shutdowns.

·         SMIT / Land & Marine Construction Ltd.

·         McNulty Offshore Services Ltd.

·         DuPont (Wilton) maintenance & shutdowns.

·         SLP Oderdbrect oil & gas.

·         Eutech.

·         Union carbide shutdowns.

·         Zeneca (Teesside).

·         Shaw Group.

·         Cordell Group.

·         Ineos (Teesside).

·         Babcock power.

·         T.E.I.

·         Growhow UK Ltd.

·         A & P Tyne Ship Yard

·         Conoco Phillips Teeside (maintenance contract).

·         R.B. Charlton Fabrication.

·         Fabricom.

·         Invista (wilton

·         Kvaerner Oil & Gas

·         Lucit (Teesside)

·         River Tees Eng.


Quality & Safety Insurance

Quality Assurance

The company has achieved ISO 9002

CHT regularly carry out heat treatment work to the requirements of all commonly applied fabrication codes, including B.S 5500, BS 2633 A.S.M.E VIII, A.N.S.I. B31.3 etc. In order fully to control the application of such specifications CHT operates an integrated quality assurance programme backed up by our quality assurance manual and qualified technical staff.

CHT is committed to the vigilant operation of sound and accepted heat treatment practices, and to the effective use of quality assurance principles throughout the scope of operations with particular regard to the requirements of ISO 9002


The company has achieved a registered safety system ‘VCA’ which was awarded in 1996 and also safety certificates for work carried out on various petro-chemical plants throughout Teesside and UK.

Insurance cover

Public Liability - Limit of Indemnity - £5,000,000

Employers Liability – Limit of Indemnity – Unlimited


Directors Mr.W.Brackstone, Mrs.S.Bracksone VAT No. 4991703 06-Company Reg.No.2206152

                                 Unit One Wray Street, Middlesbrough TS4 2AS


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